Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fashion Fun

I work for The Savvy Boutique in Iowa City, Iowa. I am responsible for keeping our website, Facebook page, and Twitter updated. On Facebook and Twitter I have been posting useful links and tips regarding fashion. Here are some:

No clothing will keep you safe enough from the sun. Learn the facts about SPF: Sun Smarts: "Everything You Need to Know About SPF": http://bit.ly/c2RyKu via @addthis

Did you gain some weight this winter? You're not the only one! See tips on how to dress thinner here: http://bit.ly/PqIBr RT @Real_Simple

A brightly colored wallet is easy to find in a handbag. Find cheerful wallets at Savvy. RT @Real_Simple

Use pushpins and a bulletin board to keep your jewelry organized and tangle free. RT @Real_Simple

Staying on top of color trends? Find your favorite spring/summer 2010 colors at Savvy! http://bit.ly/3mqwAT

Wait at least 15 minutes after applying perfume or body lotion before putting on jewelry, otherwise there will be a greasy buildup. Find jewelry at Savvy! RT @Real_Simple

Tips on how to dress for any occasion: http://bit.ly/duQnTC RT @Real_Simple

Jeans with fading that is centered on the thighs is slenderizing: The combination of light and dark shading tricks the eye. RT @Real_Simple

Tips for Trying on Clothes Quickly RT @Real_Simple http://bit.ly/cVZiAt

Need a laugh? Read Most Embarrassing Fashion Moments here: http://bit.ly/c6oJlN RT @Real_Simple

How To Iron a Dress Shirt RT @Real_Simple: http://bit.ly/5eVwfO

Safety-pin socks together before throwing them in the wash. You'll never search for matching socks again! RT @Real_Simple

See fashion and beauty made out of paper here: http://www.realsimple.com/magazine-more/fashion-beauty-paper-sculptures-00000000031779/index.html

Stylish for Pennies (or pretty darn close)---How to Shop at Consignment Stores - at WomansDay.com http://shar.es/mu4bx

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